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The Reasons Why We Love Handy Blood Pressure Device

by hardik khunt on October 04, 2020

The adage ‘Keep your blood pressure in control and the rest of your body will take care of itself’ is true to an extent. In today’s day and age, the pressures of life and ageing can take a serious toll on our blood pressure levels and it is of paramount importance that we take good care of our body’s internal mechanism to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Understanding Blood Pressure – Causes, Symptoms & Management

Blood pressure problems usually arise in the later stages of our life and are common amongst senior citizens. With age, your arteries tend to degenerate and lose their natural elasticity. In such cases, your heart works harder to ensure the effective pumping of blood to your internal organs, causing your blood pressure to fluctuate.


The heart pumps blood through the circulatory system and ‘normal blood pressure’ is essential to a healthy body. Our internal organs and tissues need ‘good blood’ in order to function normally and the heart pumps oxygen and vital nutrients to these parts by circulating fresh blood to them. The arteries carry this blood and if they contract, the narrowing of the arteries can lead to serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness, etc. The blood moves through arteries and veins, exerting a certain amount of pressure on their walls. This pressure is referred to as ‘blood pressure’ or BP. 

Your blood pressure levels can be dictated or affected by:

  • Biological ageing
  • Family health history
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Lack of physical activity or exercise
  • Stress and anxiety

Typical symptoms of high or low blood pressure include frequent headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and nosebleeds. 

The best way to keep your blood pressure in check and under control is by:

  • Keeping a tab on your weight
  • Indulging in daily workouts or playing a sport
  • Eating a nutrient-rich, healthy diet
  • Avoiding potentially damaging habits such as smoking and consuming excessive alcohol
  • Keeping daily track of your blood pressure

Wrist Blood Monitor LCD Digital Meter is a fully d-pressure measuring device for use on the arm,which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood-Pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the oscillometric method of measuring.

The Device offers a very and clinical tested measurement accuracy and has been designed to provide a maximum of user-friendliness.

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Best Features For Handy Blood Pressure Measuring Device: 

  • Upper ArmBP Monitor Device
  • AA Alkaline
  • Pulse Rate Indicator
  • Memory Function

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